Another successful HOGS N' DOGS event this year and to remember the fun here are some pictures...enjoy!
The bikes arrived in style

Here's Dorothy and her family. She is rocking her skull cap.

 It looks like Lillian was leading this pack of bikers.
Bob and Lucille missed the 1...2....3 SMILE!

Here we have Joan, Alice, Lester, and some of Lester's family.
Joan and Lester look pretty good in those caps.

Rhea and her sister came for the party and Mary decided to join their table.
Rhea didn't need a skull cap with that stylish hat!

Sally held the fort down outside, while Roy had things covered on the inside.

Two of our residents, Alzina and Hope are mother-in-laws.
Their families are glad to attend a 2-for-1 party!

Hello Myrna, Bill, Mary Ellen, and Fawn!
What a good looking group biker fans.
Welcome to the festivities Maurine and your family! Someone found our beach ball.

Wanda and Elizabeth were busy filling out their Bike Judging Contest slips.

Naomi was cooling off with her fancy fan. Hope she gave her son a few waves of cool air.

Gloria and her family! Thank you for joining us!

A MIRACLE! All three women wearing skull caps and looking good.
Jean, Beverly, and Ruby are thick as thieves.

Face painting galore from our awesome volunteers at Utah Home Health and Hospice.

The shade was a hot commodity as the temperatures reached in to the hundreds.
Good thinking guys.

Our amazing Staci joined the bikers for a quick snapshot, thank you for helping Staci!

Look at that delicious food....yum yum
The umbrellas were a lifesaver against the sun.
A banner made for a King.
Look at those pretty bikes...Chef Roger's is the fourth one down.
Thank you Utah Home Health and Hospice again!
A perk: free lunch
They found the shade, good job family!
Rhea moved her and her sister inside to join Faye and Marilyn.
Where's Bubba, Marilyn?
Mabel, Joan and Velyle were busy while Melissa was entertaining.
Sibyl was looking good in her regular lunch spot.
She could see the party outside through the front door.
Alice, Catherine, and Janet preferred to eat inside. Good choice ladies!
Staci and Rex were having a good time inside. Great smiles you two.
Like I said, Roy had everything under control inside.
Dick and Lucy, smile wide!
Mary Ellen and Maxine enjoyed their snow cones outside.
I hope you ate it before it melted!
Multiple Home Health companies donated gift baskets for the residents to be involved in our raffle.
Thank you so much to all the Home Health companies and anyone else who donated a gift basket.
The residents loved them!
Roger was showing his pony tail off that day!
Is the whole gang there?
Awesome hat! It was just too hot.
Looking their best!
Ms. Catherine with her skull cap on really played the biker roll perfectly.
Beautiful car! Keep up the good looking cruiser.
What is that? Is that a giant flag made entirely of cupcakes? Why, yes! Yes, it is!
Hello Summerfield employees!
Dan is always watching.
Thank you for a great HOGS N' DOGS 2013.
We will see you again next year!