Cheesecake Man Day

We are fattening the men up for Man Day.
December was a cold month, what better to warm up with then some delicious cheesecake!
 It just wouldn't feel like a manly enough Man Day if we didn't have a make-shift mustache!

Bob sprinkled
~mini peanut butter cups~
and plenty of
on his cheesecake before
diving right in.
Sweetest Le R couldn't
resist the mustache.
 He looks so sophisticated,
we couldn't tell
if he was
Doctor Holmes
My Dear Watson.

 He got through
before he called it quits.
We wont' be entering
Bob in any
cheesecake-eating contests
this year.

                            Carl and I combined our
cheesecake decorating
super powers
to make one
piece of work,
 if we
do say so ourselves.
Carl passed up any bites,
he's lucky he's not a cheesecake fan.
Another success!