Manly Man Day

Once a month we throw a shin-dig for our manly men! 

This month we decided on an electric race track, however, despite valiant efforts on John Daly and my part it was a goner. The race track was no more. 

As part of the man code, we believe in "When in doubt, look to football" as our answer. So we got out the old pigskin and played some backyard - wheelchair - football. 

These were our "winning season" head shots. 

Carl showing off his Jr. Varsity skills

Bob sporting his #1 winning smile

Henry, our three-war veteran made the shot on the first try!

LeR showing off his "meaner than mean" face

John trying to one-up him!

Rodger, after telling him to give me his meanest face. You can't cover up his tender heart!

It was an overall success. You can't beat Reese's Peanut Butter cups and gold ol' football!