Diet Coke + Mentos = FUN!

We decided we needed to become more scholarly at Summerfield so we decided to try out a science experiment. Has anyone ever mixed baking soda and vinegar together? If you have, you should try out a new experiment that produces similar results without the stinky smell of vinegar. Even if you haven't you should still try this experiment out, it is explosive! All you need is a 2-liter of Diet Coke and 4 mentos candies. A piece of PVC pipe can also be helpful...

Our experiment was testing different types of soda with different types of mentos to try and find the biggest explosion. Here were some of our results:

Diet Sprite was not very successful.

Diet Pepsi was better.

And Diet Coke won it all!

One time it even shot off to the side and sprayed some unsuspecting victims... Sorry Roger and Sarah :(

We'd like to thank all those who came out to watch.

Maybe next time we will try an experiment like this one... (start watching at the 2:45 minute mark)

Or we could try this one...

Maybe we should just do a mentos geyser show instead of fireworks at the 4th of July this year...