January 31st Tim Tams Slams and Hat Party

On Tuesday January 31st we had a little hat party and we learned a new life skill. We learned how 
to Tim Tam Slam. The Tim Tam slam is very popular in Polynesian countries where Tim Tams are a very popular biscuit (cookie). You take a Tim Tam and bite off the corners on opposite sides and then use the cookie as a straw to drink hot chocolate. Here is a short instructional video for you:

While Tim Tam Slamming might look like all fun and games, it can be very difficult. The precarious situation of drinking a hot liquid through a chocolate covered/filled cookie can cause serious damage to the structural integrity of the cookie. We were persistant in our task and we all learned how to slam. All while wearing some fantastic hats!

We wanted to thank everyone who came to the hat party and put in the hard work to learn how to Slam. Do you have a favorite hat? Leave a comment and tell us which hat you would choose as the most valuable Summerfield hat and why.